The art of going from one place to another.

To bring about change we have to be willing to “Shift”, going from where we are, to where we want to be. Changing our mindset, transforming the way things have always been done, creating new realities, and moving in a new direction. I crafted the “Shift” philosophy as a guiding principle to support my clients and teams.

Combine the mindsets, tools and skills of a Designer and a Strategist.

Discover valuable opportunities and solutions through creativity and analysis.

Design and implement changes that bring about meaningful impact.

Shift Venn

To embrace the “Shift” Mindset, you have to understand the 4 key principles.
Each principles has its own set of tools and techniques that can be utilised.


To do something different.


Here we identify what is the problem or opportunity that is driving a need for change, why is does it exist, who does it impact, and why does it matter. We leverage data, insights, experience, and an awareness of the situation to gain an understanding.


To take one thing and make another.


We seek to understand how we can create, make, build, implement the required change. We imagine a new reality, discover ideas, research options, identify users, and draw up concepts. Looking for inspiration from similar, adjacent or differing categories to expand the scope of the possible.


To bring to life


Ideas should be brought to life, so here we build and develop the best concepts. Crafting prototypes, and testing ideas to enable further understanding of solutions.


To act and take direction


Implementing what you have created into a live environment. Enabling user and customers to interact with creations, understand what it means to them, what works, and what doesn’t and iterate as needed. 

Design is a part of the human problem-solving activity. Beginning with a perception of a gap in a user’s experience, leading to a plan for a new artefact, and resulting in the production of that artefact.
— K.T. Ulrich